I’m a Lithuanian 🇱🇹. I’m a developer focusing on SOLID principles, clean and effective code. I’m keen to learn new things, which helps me to have a broad knowledge spectrum from server side performance to building quality PHP applications and helping teams to create great quality code. I follow latest happenings in development world and always try to pick the right tool for the job, even if it’s new and untried. I’m a developer for over 12 years and have always been working with fast growing, online e-commerce companies like pigu.lt, gog.com and currently coolblue.nl. I’ve learned their pains and hardships, which I can apply in a new place to help them grow even faster, deliver quality products and service to the customers.

I’m a fan of gaming, one of my favorite games ever is The Witcher 3 by CD Project Red. Most of the life I am part of the PC master race, albeit had some fun with Xbox360 and currently PS4. I like RPGs because they have story to tell, and allow me to immerse into it. But I give smaller games like Factorio, games by Amanita Design a try, and they always deliver a very good experience!

I’m a newly baked motorcyclist, I enjoy the thrill of driving on two wheels, speed and freedom that it gives me! Right after getting my license I went for a roundtrip to Alps and back via Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Austria & France. It. Was. Amazing! This is my bike: My motorcycle